We are a family hotel located in Tamarindo, within reach of nationals and foreigners, our greatest satisfaction is to offer excellent quality service and personalized attention, where our guests have pleasant experiences and get memorable memories, in which they can also share and learn a little of our culture.


To be a better family vacation hotel, within everyone’s reach, offering excellent quality service and commitment to nature, promoting tourism that is aware of the importance of conservation and preservation of nature.

Tamarindo beach

Hotel Boruca Tamarindo is located in Tamarindo Guanacaste, the nearest beach would be Playa Tamarindo.

Tamarindo Beach A very popular and beautiful beach located in Santa Cruz de Guanacaste. It combines white sand, good waves for surfing, and an incredible landscape surrounded by mountains. Here you can sit under the trees to rest, take a walk or enjoy the incredible sunsets. Tamarindo is the meeting point to enjoy different activities. It is close to Las Baulas National Marine Park where you can enjoy turtle nesting and beaches such as Negra, popular with surfers.

“Playa Tamarindo”